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Topic: gigastudio

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    David, I have currently misplaced mine. But it is the newest issue. Featuring huge polyphony and effects. This is no joke, buy it and see.

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    Re: gigastudio

    Is it the issue with \'Mr Formerly Know As\' on the cover?

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    Re: gigastudio

    I don\'t think so, I just looked through that edition (December 99)

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    Re: gigastudio

    it is in the january 25th anniversary issue.
    page 131.

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    Re: gigastudio


    Could you possibly detail some of the specifics? What does the ad say? Polyphony, new features, etc? The new issue of Keyboard is probably a week or two away from where I live, so this would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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    Re: gigastudio

    160 streaming disk based voices, 64 midi channels, pro effects with automation, sampling capacity of 4.3 gig per sample.

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    Re: gigastudio

    Holy Friholey!!!!!!!....hmm wait...this sounds like some recording/sequencer software. Its not an update to Gigsampler is it?

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    Re: gigastudio

    Very amusing Punda - anything else you\'d like to make up about the \"new\" gigasampler.....


    don\'t fall for it chaps

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    Re: gigastudio

    \"don\'t fall for it chaps\"

    arghhh! where are the censors when you need them? :-)


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    Re: gigastudio

    folks, this is no joke, you will all find out. Like I said page 131, january keyboard magazine. Why the rude response. I have no need to make such things up.

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