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Topic: Snorlax Needs an Old Driver

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    Snorlax Needs an Old Driver

    Hi, All...

    I am in need of a driver for a MIDIDOCK parallel-port MIDI interface, one MIDI in and one MIDI out.

    This was a Windows 98 device, and the manufacturer (Altech) is long gone. Anyone got a driver for one??

    I'm dying to hook up my Proteus FX to my Pentium II laptop...

    Jim Williams
    Professor of Capitalism
    Indianapolis Brass Choir
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    Re: Snorlax Needs an Old Driver

    Don't have it, but just for S&G, have you tried using the MOTU parallel port drivers? Probably won't work, but OTOH, a Fastlane is only $59 if you look...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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