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Topic: I think I'm running out of video memory

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    I think I\'m running out of video memory

    I have been running into this problem lately where when I have the Cakewalk Yamaha DSP Factory AudioX window open, I can\'t switch smoothly between Cakewalk and Gigasampler windows. I believe that this is because I\'m running out of video memory. I have an eight meg ATI card, but I also have two DSP Factories which opens up quite a large AudioX window. Has anyone else run into this problem. It sure looks like a video memory problem. I get the slow screen redraws, sections of the screen not properly redrawn etc. Would a video card with more ram help or am I off base on this one?

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    Re: I think I\'m running out of video memory


    As far as I know the video card doesn’t know the difference between an application window and your wallpaper. More video RAM simply allows you to run more colors/higher resolution.

    What you describe sounds more like you whole system’s bogging down, or that the acceleration on the video card is turned off.

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    Re: I think I\'m running out of video memory

    That\'s what I originally thought too, but I just went from an eight meg to thirty-two meg ATI video card and now I can switch windows smooothly, though if I open a lot of Cakwalk Audiox windows (EQ\'s, compressors etc.) I can still bog the system down! Maybe I should have gone with 64 meg video memory, or maybe there is a bug in the Audiox software. One thing that is frustrating with Audiox is that when you set up a managable windows that only has the channels, busses and aux sends you need, the layout is not saved with the Cakewalk wrk file. The default is always the whole danged thing. If Cakewalk fixed this problem, switching windows without gobs of video memory would not be a problem.

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