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Topic: Frozen GigaSampler suprise!

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    Frozen GigaSampler suprise!

    Hi all,

    I\'ve been on the phone and email w/ nemysys and ibm et. al. for a few months with this one. Most responses have been prompt but we are still stuck. Here\'s the situation. GigaSampler will invariably freeze 10min-2 hours after being booted, regardless of the level (if any at all) of midi activity it is responding to. It freezes on small instruments, large instruments and all sizes and combos inbetween. It froze when I was running GS v. 1.5 , 1.5.2 and now happily freezes running 1.6 I\'m now running (or trying to) GS v1.6 and gina 5.02 driver. Direct sound is off, multiclient audio is on. Often it will freeze with a tiny bit of what it was playing continuing to loop/stutter to infinity. I have re-installed the system/gigasampler/HD drivers numerous times. This sounds like a problem involving communication between HD and RAM cache, yes? Are there any HD drivers more suited for this application than the ones I\'m using? Any diagnostics, other than the GS system test and disc doctor, that will show where a potential fault in system throughput lies??

    My System:
    IBM Aptiva SE-7
    450/128/16.8g UDMA
    Event Gina (5.02)drivers
    GS v.1.6

    If ANYONE has ANY ideas at all PLEASE let me know. I\'m back to using by hardware boxes for scoring and sounddesign (I had really hoped to sell them)


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    Re: Frozen GigaSampler suprise!

    What sequencer are you using and what other sound cards if any do you have in the aptiva.
    I had this happen using an older version of cubase and the ensoniq pci soundcard with sound blaster drivers. The sound blaster drivers were creating the problem.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Frozen GigaSampler suprise!

    PaPa Chalk,

    Thanks for your speedy reply!

    I have no other soundcards in the machine.
    The only other non-system ap I run on that machine is ACID. I used to have a copy of cakewalk running but haven\'t reinstalled it for a while(many clean system installs since then). Upon the reccomendation of Sergio from Nemesys, I disabled the the crystal sound drivers that come with Aptivas, and I\'ve gone and disabled just about every other multimedia driver that could conflict as well.
    Are there certain drivers, or combinations of such that are known to freeze GS? I\'d like to try to replicate any situations like that and see if there is any relationship with my situation/setup.

    thanks again,

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    Re: Frozen GigaSampler suprise!

    what version of cakewalk do you have. I\'m not a cake walk user. but i do know in previous cubase versions. this problem would occur until they did an update. It usually occured because of the relationhip with the sound card direct sound and the audio sequencer in use. this problem would not leave until I completely removed the drivers of the offending card and the card it self. Not all direct sound drivers are the same, some manufactures put half effort in to the direct sound. since your cyrstal drivers are disabled. I would try removing them altogether. make sure your processor chip is also getting good air flow to keep it cool.
    BTW what type of chip do you have (e.g. PII..)

    take care


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    Re: Frozen GigaSampler suprise!

    Funny you should mention this problem. Bear with my while I address it sideways:

    I have one gig of memory in my computer. I went (what some people would call) overboard with memory for the following reason: As you use Windows, it uses up memory when you open up applications and large files, but then when you quit the applications or close the files, it doesn\'t really give the memory back. Memory is managed less and less efficiently until the memory spools off to hard disk as \"virtual memory\". When I work, typically I open up programs, quit them, open large audio files, grab a few seconds here or there or maybe don\'t grab anything at all. It doesn\'t matter. Either way Windows is using up memory and starting to build a large virtual memory swap file. It doesn\'t matter if you are using Cakewalk, Cubase or whatever. Once the memory starts paging off to hard disk, performance goes down the toilet and a full blown crash is not far away. One gig lets me go a little longer between reboots, but doesn\'t buy me much more than that. Here\'s a story from about two years ago (when I had about 64 meg of memory on a PII): I got hired to do a mix for a dance show featuring Paula Abdul at Disney World. She came to my studio with a bit of an ontourage. The goal was simple: to put together a three minute dance number edited together from about ten or fifteen extended dance mixes. Every time I would open up one of these hellatiously long dance mixes, grab the few seconds we needed, and dump the rest. Do you think Windows would give me the memory back? Absolutely not! I must have rebooted twenty times that day, with all sorts of \"important\" people breathing down my neck and wishing they hadn\'t let me talk them out of booking a \"Pro-Tools\" session. Now with a full gig, I look a little more professional, but only because I reboot every time we take a break. I hate it. I don\'t need this much memory...just a bit better memory management in my operating system!

    Thats the long answer. The short answer is get a bunch more memory and make sure your virtual memory isn\'t addressing the same hard disk as your GS or audio tracks.

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    Re: Frozen GigaSampler suprise!

    PaPa and Laurence,

    You know, I wish I could blame Cakewalk for my woes, but it isn\'t installed on the machine. I had it installed up to a month or so ago, but when I would wipe the drive and do a clean install of windows and GS it was a real pain to keep reinstalling everything else just to repeat the process a short while down the road. I\'m generally a Logic guy. In the studio where the aptiva and GS lives most of the time I have a Mac running Logic, Performer, and sometimes Cubase. The aptiva and GS exist as a stand-alone box for sample playback. I also run ACID on it, but I never need to run two aps at the same time, and GS almost always gets a fresh boot before running. The only place I run cakewalk now is on my laptop (cakewalk was free) where I pump midi to the Aptiva. Recently, however, I haven\'t been doing anything that interesting. I\'ve just been turning it on, with only a KX-88 attached as a MIDI controller and monitoring how long it takes to lock up (2 hrs. ave.) with no input whatsoever. I know GS _should_ work on my system so now I\'m suspecting hardware, but all of the diagnostics I have keep coming up clean. Do you guys know of a good \'stress test\' that may reveal more than the disc doctor tests? I\'m thinking I could learn more about the problem if I could find more ways to make the machine lock up. It did freeze once before while running ACID, and once while playing video from a DVD, but its never happened again, sadly.

    Thanks for your brainpower!

    ps Papa- the CPU is mounted on a stand near the floor- good ventilation in a cool room. perhaps I should pickup one of those little CPU thermometers and check anyway?

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    Re: Frozen GigaSampler suprise!

    you may want to get RamBooster. It is freeware and you can find it at http://www.sci.fi/~borg/rambooster
    I use it only occasionally, but it does allow continuous background operation if you want. The program has the simple function of freeing unused RAM that Windows is too braindead to free for you. I doubt it can solve all the RAM problems that develop between reboots, but it may lengthen your uptime considerably.

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    Re: Frozen GigaSampler suprise!

    I have been told that anything more than 256m of ram in Win will screw things up. Just for the heck of it, try removing some ram and see what happens...Earl

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    Re: Frozen GigaSampler suprise!

    My system definately works way better with a gig than it did with 256 meg! I like the \"ram-booster\" idea though. I will check that out.

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