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Topic: Powerful string hits - revisited

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    Powerful string hits - revisited

    I'm still on my quest to find powerful hits, so I just wanted to update people on my progress. The best 'power hit' I've come up with uses Gold and a little bit from the Roland Orchestral sound set (LCDX-04). Not *just* a string hit since it uses some french horn as well, but I think it sounds like mostly strings, or at least, is closest to the sound I want.


    Again, a riff from the Metal Gear Solid 2 main theme.

    Here's another patch, for higher string hits. This one uses the close (as opposed to far) marcato and quick u/d patches from Gold, the Roland marcato strings, and the "Cadenza" marcato strings. It uses GlaceVerb.


    This riff is from a rearrangement I did, based on a song from the SNES game "Chrono Trigger".

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    Re: Powerful string hits - revisited

    Hi, they sound great, particularly the first one.

    Have you tried layering your string "hits" with other members of the orchestra? Woodwinds can play a great (and not too obvious) supporting role. Some pitched percussion would help too.

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    Re: Powerful string hits - revisited

    That sounds pretty good ! But i think you can do two more things to fatten it up .

    Loosen the attack times for the notes. And double all the notes with their octave above ( or below )
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