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Topic: Christmas Greetings

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    Christmas Greetings


    I am on holiday now till early 2000. I do not have email at home yet but I would like to wish Bill, John Pinn, Bob, E4, Holgar, Joris, Mramosch, Donnie, mdfmuse, AV, Bespoke, Laurence, Larry, Horst, Wolfgang, Jbibbo & Dave of Nemesys, PaPa Chalk & Desound and everyone else a Happy Christmas and a safe New Year.

    Thanks for your help and support in getting me past my worries and concerns and look forward to GS version 2...

    Take Care

    KIA (Keven)

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    Re: Christmas Greetings

    Cheers Kev,

    Same to you and everyone else....

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    Hope satan, sorry, santa treats you well.....

    As Noddy Holder once(?) famously said \"It\'s CHHRRIISSTTMMAASSSSSS!\" (with sideburns)


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    Re: Christmas Greetings

    YO, my wishes to ya all: Marry XMS and BUGFREE Y2K!

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    Re: Christmas Greetings

    Seasons Greeting. Everyone.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Christmas Greetings

    Thanks Keven,

    Merry christmas & God bless you & everybody in the new millenium. Now is when the good things start!

    Joris Vincken

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