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Topic: Duel Video Display

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    Duel Video Display

    Hi everyone, I just thought I would let you know the success that I have been having with my Matrox G400 Duel Display Video Card. I can\'t go on enough about this card. It enables me to split two applications between two seperate monitors. Obviously, the significance of this is that, it allows me to have my sequencer (VST)running on one monitor while gigasampler runs on the other. To move your mouse pointer from one monitor to the next you simply slide your mouse to the edge of the screen (up,down,left or right depending on where you configure the second monitor to be virtually)and continue the sliding motion right into the second monitor. Active dispalys of both applications occur simultaneously. You can slide effortlessly between monitors and applications. The display is lightning fast and ultra-crisp. The card utilizes RAMDAC of 300 MHz which ensures flicker-free displays, ultra-high resolutions and color depths.The other amazing thing about the card is its flexability. You can use it in split mode( Duel Head Multi Display) as described above, clone mode,DVD max mode which enables full screen DVD playback on one screen while you run a completly different app on the other screen and zoom mode which allows you to select an area on one monitor then zoom into it on the second monitor. The card supports output to svga, composite rca tv out and LCD monitor out. So you don\'t really have to have two svga monitors any combination of the previously mentioned works fine. I have tested this card extensivly with gigasampler and,vst and it works flawlessly. Papa and I am so convinced that the G400 is the best soultion for the duel display dilema, that we have decided to carry it in our online store. It is a must have for those who use gigasampler in conjuntion with a seqencer. Let me know how you guys like this card. I am sure you will be pleasantly suprised.

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    Re: Duel Video Display

    How far can one go to achieve a \'naked\' GS box as a second PC.
    1.Could you link in the GS app from the second PC through the G400 on the main/Sequencer PC.
    2.What about ommitting the video card, audio card, CDrom, ....just motheroard, ram, HD and Winlite?
    3. how would one coupe both PCs?

    Am I making sense? (sorry I\'m a non-tech person)

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    Re: Duel Video Display

    Hi Desound and Papa! I was , acctually thinking about geting a spliter to use 2 PCs with 1 monitor and 1 keyboard. Can you tell me if you really nead to be looking at GS all the time so I acctually do need 2 monitors or I can get away with one and one keyboard?
    Thanks allot! Sasha

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    Re: Duel Video Display

    Sasha took it to the point.

    The average user(musician) don\'t need two monitors.
    The main activity happens on the SequencerScreen, GS is loaded with the needed instruments and stays in background.

    My personal preference:
    GS as a \'VST-Instrument PlugIn\'
    would be the best solution for my work.

    P.S.: An 21\' Monitor with a
    1600x1200 resolution is also a god choice.

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    Re: Duel Video Display

    Not sure how you would use one keyboard and one mouse with two pc\'s sasha the spliter in your case would be ideal but you would still have to get a keyboard and mouse for the other system if you plan to trigger one pc with the other.

    The dual display Works great with one Pc. Cubase alone can clutter your screen. Here\'s a little scenario.
    lets say your creating a multimedia avi video clip. Giga open in one window cubase with avi open in another. You have a few instruments open as you are building your song in cubase, not all your instruments are loaded right away. You do not necessarily know what instruments you want to use so you can switch sounds in channels while cubase continues to play with out having to change display size to 1600x1200 if your at 800x600. Also if you set your Giga sampler to take up the full screen, when you want to get at cubase you would have to keep finding your win 98 tool bar to switch back to cubase. I find the ease of use with the dual display amazing it\'s just a matter of looking at your other monitor. I\'m also able to edit on the other screen and audition samples with soundforge while cubase plays Giga sampler.
    I can continue to change sounds in Giga then look at my other screen audition a wav sample in sound forge open the instrument editor create a new instrument all on the fly.

    Many other applications with the dual head arise it\'s so
    much easier. Got a 17\" monitor and a cheap 15\" monitor left over from a previous PI system. This set up works great for me. Depending on your setup and what you want to achieve it does help, make things easier. As Desound said previously the matrox is a great solution for dual head display as we have been getting many inquires about this
    we decided to post here. The integration is smooth. So if you are looking for dual head
    I also recommend the G400 dual head by matrox its great.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Duel Video Display

    I now have the G400 setup on my system at work. The initial drivers were not compatible with MS Access (which I develop in), so it sat around for a couple of months. Now it works well, but still a few display glitches in some applications. For instance, I might click on a combo box in an application on the secondary screen, but the list shows on the main screed. Little things like that. Also, I definitely get more lock ups.

    Would I go back? Never! Believe it or not, having two displays is better the one large one.

    That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…

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    Re: Duel Video Display

    Do they only have drivers for 98 or can it be setup for 95 or NT ?
    $Cost ?

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    Re: Duel Video Display

    Now that we settle for two monitors :-), how about my question of having a dedicated but lean GS bow and how to link it to my main (sequencer/office/all day/...pc

    Can anyone describe how such a setup would work?


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    Re: Duel Video Display

    The G400 has drivers for the following operating systems: win95/98, win3.1, winNT, OS2, and even a win2000 beta driver a full two months ahead of Microsoft’s release date. There is also third party support for linux and beos.
    With regards to elle\'s question I think you would need at least a video card and an input device, in order to start your remote system. The Dual display is ideally suited for a single system environment.

    There are two versions of this card in our online store the only diffrence between the two are the operating speeds of the on board processors. The max card is faster.


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    Re: Duel Video Display


    Here\'s where I got mine:


    Their currently $175

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