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Topic: Help! GS3 un-registers itself!!

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    Help! GS3 un-registers itself!!

    I installed GS3 Orchestra 10 days ago. I registered with Tascam
    and recieved the Reg. Key and entered it and all was well.
    Now, ten days later it won't start up, says my Reg. key is invalid!
    WTF is going on?? When you get your Registration Key via email
    and enter it, isn't that the final step?
    Has anybody else had problems in this regard?

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    Re: Help! GS3 un-registers itself!!

    Hi again,
    Problem solved, at least for now!
    Tascam sent me an Automated Email with a new
    Registration #. Hopefully this one will be the last one
    i need.
    Tom H.

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    Re: Help! GS3 un-registers itself!!

    Your not alone Tom.


    Welcom to the club.

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