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Topic: Cubase SX2 and GS3 = Crash?

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    Unhappy Cubase SX2 and GS3 = Crash?

    I thought I'd give it a go and see if anyone here might know something...
    I just installed GS 3, and for some reason everytime I open SX2 and it begins "initializing GS3" my system reboots, runs scandisk and apparantly "recovers" from a serious error. Have anyone experienced anything like this?
    I'm running it on a P4 HT with an Audiophile 2496 soundcard. I've tried deactivating HT but that doesn't change anything.
    This is very annoying, especially since I've never had any problems with GS2.5, and I was told GS3 was more stable and better in every way.

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    Re: Cubase SX2 and GS3 = Crash?

    uninstall cubase and reinstall

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    Re: Cubase SX2 and GS3 = Crash?

    wow... I suck, lol, one of the most elementary things to do when a program doesn't work - and I didn't do it
    Thanks for you help.

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