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Topic: Cant this be stopped?

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    Cant this be stopped?

    This cant be legit and it just really irritates me. Especially on a huge public site like ebay.

    I'm of course, speaking of the spectrasonics stuff.


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    Re: Cant this be stopped?

    Ebay is like the ghetto anymore ... unfortunatly, it probably cant be stopped, this disease has been around for a long time.

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    Re: Cant this be stopped?

    Whoa, that's got to be illegal. Not cool. Eric can you get 'em!


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    Re: Cant this be stopped?

    It's just a matter of the infringed party contacting Ebay. It has to be done over and over, since there's always someone willing to cheat.

    This IS the problem. You see it right there. Someone who cannot grasp the concept that he paid for a license--NOT FOR THE LIBRARY--which Eric owns outright. Only Eric Persing can license other individuals to use his LIBRARY. No different than any other LIBRARY. You cannot issue someone a library card, just because you have a library card. Only the library can issue the library card. It is a singular thing. There is only one Atmosphere, to which you can purchse license to use in a specific way. One cannot sell "his" copy of Atmosphere, because it is not a multiple thing. The library is singular.

    Some people don't understand the concept, and it is our job to teach them if we want to do our part. What is more disturbing is that there are artists out there who reject the concept, and who don't seem to understand the connection between how we earn our money as artists, and how licensing fits into the overall picture.

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    Re: Cant this be stopped?

    They are selling bootleg versions of Reason 3 on Ebay already . Ebay turns a blind eye to Power Sellers it seems . I guess they do not want to take money out of their own pockets .

    They have it worded so they are not responsible for what they broker .

    It is sad .

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    Re: Cant this be stopped?

    I was once sold DVD-R copies of a couple of movies on Ebay - the seller was claiming they were the genuine article.
    After much complaining and some strong words, I was actually refunded my money.

    On a side note - is anyone else amused/disturbed by the oxymoron of actually paying for pirated software? Seems to me, it defeats the whole purpose of being a pirate... what a world..

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    Re: Cant this be stopped?

    Wow, eBay seems to represent opportunism at its worst sometimes. And the cheapskate bastards who would buy these "backup discs" are no better.

    Sheesh. When will people realise that stealing software is like stealing a keyboard or module or acoustic instrument?

    Dave (happy to have paid for all of his software)

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    Re: Cant this be stopped?


    ive seen this on ebay myself on a number of occasions , its often stopped quite quickly though i once challenged a guy who said they were legit stock from a shop closure .Theres alot of this on ebay.


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    Re: Cant this be stopped?

    I guess they do not want to take money out of their own pockets .

    Thats basically it with ebay and paypal etc.I found ebay usefull for some stuff but ive alos been ripped and ended up with a sampler with 50mb of ram rather than 128 ! and stupid stuff like this.I totally agree . .for me the problem is that with no suppport how will software ever develope , same thing applied to musicians though , i found many labels and shops think the artist should give the music away and wait to get paid , seems the world got its head up its arse .Human nature is selfish and its getting worse.


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    Re: Cant this be stopped?

    You know how to stop this? By people not buying this stuff.


    If Eric spent all of his time going after these guys, he wouldn't have any more time to make sample libraries.

    While I personally have a dislike for digital narc-ing, I think the simple solution is to simply not support those sellers and to let people know that these products are illegal.

    The only reason as to why these posts appear on eBay is because there is a market for it!
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