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Topic: Do I need PIII 500 for GS?

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    Do I need PIII 500 for GS?

    Hi! I was also wondering if I really need to get PIII 500 or PIII 350 will work just as fine?
    Thanks, appriciate any info.

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    Re: Do I need PIII 500 for GS?

    PIII 350 Is great. Of course I would love a PII 500 with 256megs. The 500 is great if you plan to do it all on one pc(sequencing recording audio and gigasampler at the same time.) The 350 will still work quite well.

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    Re: Do I need PIII 500 for GS?

    I run Giga with a Celeron 400. No problems, even with high polyphony. The notation program, which sequences, is still fast enough.

    Better look for fast HDD. The new fast IDE-Drives are just fine.


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    Re: Do I need PIII 500 for GS?

    Hi Horst,

    regarding to IDE-HD\'s, this is a statement I\'ve found at IBM\'s site:

    \"IBM\'s Deskstar and Ultrastar drives were made-to-order for GigaSampler,\" affirms NemeSys president and co-inventor of the EndlessWave technology, James Van Buskirk.

    \"Our customers range from the hobbyist, to Grammy-winning composers, to television and film producers with tight deadlines week after week. It doesn\'t matter who they are, they are depending on GigaSampler and the hardware it runs on to work flawlessly. Lesser hard drives generate pops and clicks in the audio because the data stream is broken while the system waits for the drive to deliver more data,\" Van Buskirk elaborated. \"This is why NemeSys highly recommends the IBM Deskstar and Ultrastar drives to our customers.\"


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    Re: Do I need PIII 500 for GS?

    Hi all,
    I run Giga with a Maxtor 7.200 rpm. It´s ok. I think that all newer generation HDDs are just ok for GS, no matter wether they are from Maxtor, IBM, Quantum or WD.

    Quantum drives have been bad for GS in the past, but I cannot imagine that the new KA or KX series are not running well. I am going to buy a KX soon as 2nd HDD. They had better references than IBM and are cheaper.

    The nicest thing is that you definitely do not need SCSI HDDs to run GS well.

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