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Topic: Ultimate PC for GS

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    Ultimate PC for GS

    Hi! I\'m about to build a PC for use just with GS. According to some messages on this list(by the way, this list rocks) some CD rom drives are not compatible with S-converter.
    Can any one advise the best mother board to use with GS.
    From what I know in general for audio they advise gigabite mother board and ATI video cards.
    Thanks for any info!

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    Re: Ultimate PC for GS

    Thanks Sasha welcome to the forum. As far as motherboards here are some we have used.
    Abit BH6
    Asus p2b
    MSI 440bx
    Maybe other users can post their motherboard of choice here.

    Papa Chalk

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    Re: Ultimate PC for GS

    I use ASUS P2-99, it\'s a really great board, get the new p3 if u can...About cd roms drivers, so far I didn\'t tried any s-conversion yet, I\'ll try my first one prolly next week. I have 3 cd drives (HP cdrw 7200i, Samsung and cyber drive), I will let you guys know the results. By the way, I heard good things about the Toshiba ones on s-convert jobs.

    good luck, jaz

    ps: sorry 4 my english

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    Re: Ultimate PC for GS

    Hi All
    Im using a Abit BE-6 motherboard and giga sampler works great with it . I think its a good mother board for giga sampler because it\'s cost effective [ I payed $110 for it ] and the Abit boards have a high reliability rating and when I bought it in 7/5/99 it was the only motherboard with in that price range that supported the IDE UDMA/66 Harddrives . As far as the rest of my system goes im using a pen-3-450 with 128 meg ram , soundblaster live , a IBM 14 gig deskstar hard drive for giga sounds [this IBM drive only cost $125 at pricewatch.com and its 5400rpm with 2 meg cashe and 9 millasecond seek time , which fit the requirment for giga sampler ] and a wimpy 4 gig drive for win 98 operating system and my programs.So if your putting together a system I can vouch that this combination works well .Ken

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