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Topic: slurs

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    Question slurs

    I have a dotted half going into 2 eigth notes and want them to all run together in a slur. I've added my slur in Overture SE and when it plays in GPO I get a huge gap after the dotted half. How do I get rid of that?

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    Re: slurs

    Hi, Crispee!
    Welcome to the forum!

    Depressing the sustain petal should fix this issue.
    When you say a 'huge' gap, do you mean half a beat, a whole beat, just a fraction of a beat? Also, what strings patch are you using? The lush strings tend to fade in each note, which could be what you're hearing. Depressing the sustain petal should eliminate this.

    Just curious--my first name and middle innital are Chris P, and your crispee. Is there any connection there?
    I have yet to know another Chris P..................

    Good luck with solving your legato issue!


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