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Topic: UATA66

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    I\'m gonna buy a new mainboard, and I wonder if anyone knows how much there is to gain using ata66 instead of 33. I\'m using Logic with GS on the same machine.
    The end.

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    Re: UATA66

    I would assume the 66 will give better performance. We have been alerted to something to watch out for concerning the hard drives and the cables. We will research this more and put it on the website and keep it in mind when doing tech support. This is from Bruce Richardson at www.prorec.com

    \"Here\'s the scoop. Although ATA-66 hard drives are backwards compatible
    > ATA-33 systems, and look just like an ATA-33 drive to the chipset, they
    > still want to be treated like ATA-66 drives. Specifically, they want the
    > 80-conductor cabling (same wiring, but a ground between every \"hot\"
    > conductor to minimize crosstalk), and they want a cable no longer than
    > I had 40-conductor cabling in the system, and one cable at 36\" length to
    > accommodate my rather large studio tower\'s removable drive bays. I
    > reconfigured the layout of the box so I could use the shorter ATA-66
    > and presto!! Gigasampler was once again giving me the full 64 voices,
    > no \"popping.\" Bruce.

    Have fun

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    Re: UATA66

    I recently heard that the BX-chipset doesn\'t even completely support ata66.
    Hmmm, don\'t really know what to think. I gather more and more info about this, and I\'m only getting more confused.
    Gotta go visit my shrink.
    Thanks for the scoop Dave.

    Freud, master of mainboards

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    Re: UATA66

    I\'m using an ABIT BE6 motherboard ATA66 with an 18 gig Western Digital ATA66 hardrive and it is smoking! \"Somebody stop me!\" Although I only have a PII 350, I am able to run Giga and Cakewalk 8.04 at the same time while doing vocal and instrument audio tracks and have yet to max out on audio tracks. I don\'t know what my system is capable of since I\'ve yet to try any real time effects but for now I am quite pleased!

    p.s. : Cakewalk is the \"bomb\"


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