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Topic: Logic 4 and gigasampler can't playback audio in logic

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    Logic 4 and gigasampler can\'t playback audio in logic

    Ok, we have finally got logic 4 stable in relation to its midi timing side ( we had to end up buying a unitor 8 interface ) and now it is the best midi timing I have ever heard. The next problem we are having concerns audio in logic and running gigasampler at the same time. With version 3.6 of logic and giga 1.6 it worked and you could get a decent amount of tracks on logic as well as using gigasampler. Now with version 4 the audio in logic is stuttering when we have gigasampler running along side.( playing back 1 stereo track with one effect )!!!! When you close down gigasampler this problem disappears so I think maybe the machine is not fast enough or something . Please note we upgraded the machine from a intel 350 to a 500 , Have 256 mb ram, seagate 7200 rpm uw scsi drives and aopen motherboard. Surely we should be able to get at least 10 tracks + as well as gigasampler running. Version 3.6 of logic was fine with giga doing this. Is version 4 of logic such a resource hog that runnign both programs and audio on logic is just not possible at the same time? Should we make a computer out of the old processor (350) , just for gigasampler and put logic 4 on the 500 by itself? By the way we have a mixtreme card and an addvark tdif card in the computer with giga using the aark card and lofic the mixtreme. Hope there are some suggestions!!

    ps could this also be a software problem with the all th bugs that eveyone is getting with version 4 of logic?


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    Re: Logic 4 and gigasampler can\'t playback audio in logic

    I\'m also a logic/gigasampler user, and I\'ve also found gigasampler works satisfactorilly with 3.6, but not with 4.0. Originally thought it could be soundcard-driver issues, but I\'ve got a different setup (giga off Gina, LAP off Audiowerk and DSP2416) and found the same results as you did. So perhaps it is a 4.0 issue.

    I\'d keep 3.6 installed on ur computer(or reinstall it), and use that as the sequencer that you trigger from within Gigasampler. (maybe I\'m imagining it, but I think 3.6 has tighter synch). Once you\'ve got the Giga tracks recorded into audio, you could close the programs and reopen song in 4.0 for audio mixing.

    Re your midi timing, what were you using before the Unitor? I\'ve got an Opcode PC translator (2 in, 2 out) -- works OK, but could be improved.

    Also, re the Mixtreme: do you have full use of Logic digital mixing with that? For example, can you send Mixtreme tracks to buses in the audio editor, and then use Logic effects on the busses? Can you bounce tracks? With DSP, once the audio stream goes to that card its out of Logic, that means you can\'t use buses, or bounce tracks, as far as I can tell. (but you can use Logic effects as track inserts BEFORE audio goes to the card).

    Hope the above about 3.6/4.0 is somewhat enlightening, and I\'d love to hear anything you have to report about the latter questions.

    Arch Stanton

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