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Topic: Hey! I just got Giga installed too!

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    Hey! I just got Giga installed too!

    'Got Giga3 installed last week-haven't had time to chime in here yet. I'll give you
    my initial impressions, and i have a few questions also.

    First off, Man alive , am i getting a lot of polyphony out of Giga
    In my first test, after some setting tweaking i got a peak of 620
    with the gigapianoLE (NoConvolution) and about 320 w/convolution!!!
    If i get 150 with emulator X I'm doing good!
    BTW, this is the Best virt./piano I've heard, PERIOD. My Bose290 VSTi plugin
    goes on eBay next week, enuf said.
    Other patches (VSL Orch, SI demos ect...) get less poly (200), and i'm not sure why, hmmm..
    Secondly,and very importantly, no crackles, pops, burps, crashes or other
    bad stuff at all. Very nice
    Sound quality (w/m-audio Delta 410) is superb, clean crisp, with, seemingly, a lot of headroom.
    I'm still sorting out the convolution revrb thing though. Although these are
    very good room samples, they are total CPU hogs and the Nfx sound pretty good to my ears
    with negligible CPU hit.
    Vs. Emulator X: Well, these are two different, and IMHO complimentory
    applications. EmuX's strenth is Sound design, it is so easy to create
    patches from scratch. I'm hoping to use Translator (coming this week)
    to port over all my Emu sounds to Giga. Gigas instrument editor, conversely, seems like,
    (as Keyboard magazine said), an engineering tool, kind-of
    detached and somewhat non-intuitive. This is the only real weak spot I can see, (so far) with Giga.
    I have a couple of questions:
    How do I get the effects (Nfx's, Vst's) saved along with the performance
    (.gsp) or instrument (.gsi). Every time i call up the .gsp or .gsi the effects
    are not saved. There's got to be a way

    Is there a Midi Implementation Chart for GS3? I have Poly-Aftertouch on
    an old Ensoniq controller of mine, and so far I can't get GS3 to repond to
    it. I know Giga2.54 had it, and some commercial Giga Libraries tout this
    in thier ads, so i can't imagine that the dropped it. anybody know

    So, I'm quite happy with GS3 so far, good Vibes!!

    BTW, i found some PC rackmount stuff at this site:

    IntelP4 3.2Ghz(Prescott), Asus P5P800 Mobo, 2GB PC3200 Ram-800FSB,
    74MB WD-Raptor SATA drive(for streaming),60GB HD(for OS & apps),
    M-audio Delta 410 (5 stereo outs-GSIF)

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    Re: Hey! I just got Giga installed too!

    It's "everybody buy gigastudio" week!!!

    This is really weird!

    I can't answer a single question of yours, so I'll be on my way!


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