I\'ve been thinking of buying the Gigasampler LE, but I have a few questions before I purchase it.
Before anything, I need to know if my computer can handle it.
I have a Hewlett Packard 400 MHZ Celeron processer with 64 meg ram and 6 gig hard drive. I currently use Cool Edit Pro with my Roland XP-80 workstation. My soundcard is the one that comes with the computer (One line in, line out and microphone in). I don\'t have a midi interface, but aren\'t they pretty cheap to buy nowadays? If so, how much do they run and can I get one without having to buy an entire new soundcard?
Also, does the Gigasampler LE come with a sequencer program to create songs that allows you to convert the multitrack to a mixdown wave form so I can burn a CD in my computer?
I just want to be safe and know if my computer can handle this before I have to go out and buy a million other things, like a soundcard and other stuff.