Hi I have Giga 3 Orch and Giga 160 arriving in the mail and just thought Id say hi

Im planning to put the older Giga 160 on my friend Bubbas Lian Li workhorse
P4 2.4 HT 512mb, 120GB Sata, Audigy 2 ZX, XP Pro SP2

is there any hack that I can get GSIF drivers to work with this card.
We sort of love the sound of the ZX version, heck even if you use the digital out and feed it to a mixers digital in.?

For the Giga 3 Orch - Im planning to get the RME DIGI96/8PAD & BO968 AES/EBU CABLE as these are on sale at the moment-is this a good choice

Thanks in advance