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Topic: Atmospheres Strings demo

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    Atmospheres Strings demo

    Although Spectrasonics Atmospheres is primarily known as a great synth/pad soft synth, I found that some of the Hollywood strings that Eric Persing sampled are pretty nice. I bathed this track in reverb and pretty much disregarded the safe low limit in the low strings but I was going for a Polish Gorecki/Kilar type of procedure piece sound in the first section.

    This was actually just an improvisation that I'm developing upon for a larger concert work for string orchestra.

    Durge for String Orchestra

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    Post Re: Atmospheres Strings demo

    You've done a great job with them! Classy piece dscoscina! Great verb application. what verb was it?

    I'm currently using Atmosphere as my main strings until Gold arrives. Great softsynth for a whole range of atmospheric applications!! worth every cent.
    Kipper (Sting's current producer) seems to think so too. Atmoshpere is all over Sting's recent albums.

    I've also played with layering Hollywood Strings above a bit of Dreamy String Orchestra. (or is it Dark and moody String Orchestra? the once with the quickest attack).

    The release and depth of the Dreamy String Orchestra gives it a different flavour again.

    back for another listen...
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    Re: Atmospheres Strings demo


    Beautiful composition! Reminds me of my college days, studying Bartok's moody writing. Please let me know when you're to the next step with this piece.

    The ONLY thing I would like to hear is a comparison between the Hollywood Strings, and a more Legato string library (maybe the upcoming "Qlegato" strings from EWQL). However, I want to say I do LOVE Atmosphere's "Hollywood Strings".

    I read evaclear's post and it amazes me that I can sit here in my California home studio and talk to people all around the world!!

    regards, Al Capps

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    Re: Atmospheres Strings demo

    This sounds really nice !!......I particularly like the resonanance that I'm hearing from these strings....It creates a nice depth to the music....Very nice piece also ... I'd like to hear the larger concert work when it's done...Jim

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    Re: Atmospheres Strings demo

    Hi there,

    Very nice writing. I use these and "Adagio Strings" all the time mixed with VSL's perf strings. My only critisism of these strings is that they have that 'sucking - serging sound'. I found that mixed with other libraries this is mitigated somewhat. Again, very nice piece.

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Atmospheres Strings demo


    great job, very expressive..your talents are so evident.

    Your success in all future string scores will be realized shortly.

    Alan Russell
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    Re: Atmospheres Strings demo

    Really nice piece! Well done!

    I love the Atmosphere strings. I use them all the time. They're simple to use and they sound great!

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: Atmospheres Strings demo

    Very nice.

    I lost a little of the line towards the second section. But the rest of the piece had a good drive and progression. I like it when composers take the time to really understand harmony and how it progresses.



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    Re: Atmospheres Strings demo

    Thanks Jose. I guess that's a bit of my formal training seeping in there plus a lot of concert music listening. I'm a big fan of harmonic suspensions- maybe from hearing James Horner use them so well in his string writing from his early years. Whatever the case is, I'm working on developing this little improv into something a little more substantial. I just have to get a decent scoring program....I'm looking into Overture 4 since I've heard it will be able to import VSTi's so I can use my EWQLSO Gold, Silver (and upcoming SIlver Pro). Right now I'm using a demo of Overture 3 with GIgastudio Orchestra and the included VSL sounds- which are pretty good actually. Mind you, I don't like their brass so I use Project SAM stuff.....

    Man, technology is great sometimes! (sorry about the OT gushing)

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    Re: Atmospheres Strings demo

    Dscocina, how did you achieve this sound (if I may ask)? Which settings did you use in Atmosphere?

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