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Topic: New NemeSys NCS44 mega-sampler

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    New NemeSys NCS44 mega-sampler

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    NemeSys has just released a 512-voice, 100-gigabyte sampler in a 4U rack space

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    Re: New NemeSys NCS44 mega-sampler

    Hope I find one under the Christmas tree...

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    Re: New NemeSys NCS44 mega-sampler

    how much?

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    Re: New NemeSys NCS44 mega-sampler

    Hello all,

    you know i dont know what to think about this. Deep down i have an umeasy feeling.
    Why would a company that is revolutionising the sampler market in taking it from harware to software build a huge sampler in hardware form. I understand how the full potential of the straming technology is perhaps restrained somewhat with current pc operating platforms and performance limitations but..to return to hardware based solutions?

    I hope NemeSys are working hard to develop the GS. I hold it up as a wonderful instrument to encourage all involved BUT, it has a LONG way to go. It would seem that a lot of energy has been directed to this new product. Again, i hope not at the expence of the GS. We\'ve all taken a path with GS and trust that it will develop into its potential ASAP.

    I hope to see a big improvement in version 2.



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    Re: New NemeSys NCS44 mega-sampler

    So do I!!!???

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    Re: New NemeSys NCS44 mega-sampler

    Very spectacular. But as there is no indication of the price yet on the Nemesys or the Harmony Central site I fear that there will be a considerable pricetag attached to this dreamsampler. Maybe Nemesys will give an equally considerable discount for loyal customers?

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    Re: New NemeSys NCS44 mega-sampler


    I think that Nemesys have gone this route for a number of good financial reasons..
    1. It establishes credibility amongst the die-hard \"external\" hardware sampler users
    2. Gives a very valid option for people wanting to use it live (bless em)
    3.may open up a whole new generation of GS users..

    I can\'t imagine that the unit is gonna be cheap so for Nemesys to assume that they may sell like \"hot cakes\" may be a tad premature
    BUT IT DONT HALF KICK BUTT (as you Americans wonderfully word it) and I feel very confident that the new power advertised will filter down to us humble GS users by way of upgrades and options..

    I think credibility and the flexing of sampling muscle will make a lot of people take notice.. very clever stuff from Nemesys..

    Having said all that.. I could just be talking B*******. (won\'t be the first time).

    Anyway Santa doesn\'t exist the buck stops with my wife and selling her prized Vauxhall Tigra to buy the NCS will earn me a divorce


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    Re: New NemeSys NCS44 mega-sampler


    that\'s a really good solution for LivePerformers.
    If I had the money(and I think, that toy is very, very expensive)it would be my first choice for the road.

    Hey Dave, name us the price.


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    Re: New NemeSys NCS44 mega-sampler

    Let me get this straight, four networked computers equal 512 voices. Isn\'t that 128 voices of polyphony per computer? I\'m sure my P3 500 with one gig of memory and three 27 gig hard drives could handle that just fine! If there\'s already a working 128 voice version of the program, why don\'t we have it?

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    Re: New NemeSys NCS44 mega-sampler


    KIA\'s comments are pretty much on target. Quite perceptive... ;o)

    Having said that, let me assure you that NemeSys will *never* abandon the software market. This is where sampling and synthesis are destined to reign, and for us to become an exclusive hardware manufacturer would be a giant step _backward_.

    The NCS44 reinforces this concept. Are there ANY hardware-based samplers available that can touch these specs at ANY price? Nope. We\'ve had a lot of requests from major industry players (like David Kahne, world-reknowned producer and first recipient of an NCS44) to create a box that allows them to integrate the power of GigaSampler into their audio arsenals with a minimum of fuss. The NCS44 is this box.

    Of course, this level of power comes at a premium:

    NCS44, 512 voice: $25,000 (US)
    NCS43, 384 voice: $21,000 (US)
    NCS42, 256 voice: $17,000 (US)

    The prices are not for the faint of heart, but neither is the performance. ;o)

    Those of you who want the confidence of a turnkey solution with a little extra bang for your buck may wish to contact one of our certified GigaCompatible hardware vendors:

    Sound Chaser Online http://www.soundchaser.com/

    Mount Carmel Music
    630 N. Hollywood Way
    Suite #114
    Burbank, CA, 91505
    Phone: 818 563 4249
    FAX: 818 563 4350

    FAQ System Engineering /Audio Master http://www.faqsys.com/
    6350 McDonough Drive, STE J
    Norcross, GA
    Phone: 770 409 8823
    FAX: 770 409 2026

    As far as future software products from NemeSys are concerned... fasten your seatbelts, cause our millenium products are going to redefine the term \"sampler\" once again. (And yes, there will be an affordable upgrade path for all current customers!)

    Look for more announcements in mid-2000.

    Francis A. Preve
    Program Director
    NemeSys Music Technology, Inc.

    (Just fixed a few URLs...)

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