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Topic: Aardvark 20/20+ or Soundscape Mixtreme ???

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    Aardvark 20/20+ or Soundscape Mixtreme ???

    Has anyone tried and are quite familiar with these two cards ??? I\'ve been running Giga with a 20/20+ for a few months now and looking into getting another set up. I heard that the Mixtreme is an excellent card. THe 20/20/+ has worked great so far but I\'m always open to anything new that can actually outperform the 20/20+....Any comments ??? Thanks

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    Re: Aardvark 20/20+ or Soundscape Mixtreme ???

    I have the Mixtreme card and it performs superbly both for output of GS sound and recording.

    To explain: I send the output from GS out through the Mixtreme to a mixer where is mixed with sounds from four other sound modules/sources and an effects unit.

    When I make a recording, the result is then sent back through the Mixtreme card for recording. Most of the time it works like a dream - I just get the odd timing problem when recording, which is not too surprising since the machine (Pentium III 450 MHz 384 MB RAM) is running GS and the recording software. (My sequencer runs on another machine.)

    Sorry I can\'t comment on the Aadvark card but I hope this is of some interest/help.


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    Re: Aardvark 20/20+ or Soundscape Mixtreme ???

    Hi rpldcox,

    My main concern is the Sync capabilities of the Mixtreme. Most \" cheaper \" card fail miserably in this department. I need to use the mixtreme as a Slave to my Pro Tools system therefore I need it to accept Word clock or Superclock from ProTools...I know the add says that the Mixtreme offers these capabilities BUT have you tried it and does it work without a glitch in REAL life ??? Thanks

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    Re: Aardvark 20/20+ or Soundscape Mixtreme ???


    Sorry, I guess I don\'t use that method of sync - I use a sequencer to drive the lot.

    To correct my previous message, the timing problems I referred to are in fact caused by the second computer which runs my sequencer. I discovered that the problem occurred even when the first computer (running GS and Sound Forge) was switched off! It\'s an oldish machine with far too much stuff on it. So ignore any implication of timing problems with GS and Sound Forge please.


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    Re: Aardvark 20/20+ or Soundscape Mixtreme ???

    Mixtream makes a fine slave or master and there are settings in the mixer software. As far as what to get, that depends on how you want to interface and whether you are interested in a real cool digital mixer.
    If you only plan to use an anolog mixer and do all the mixing there, the 20\\20 is fine. The mixtream offers.
    16 TDIF digital channels.
    realtime effects option and a complete configuable software mixer. You can get TDIF to ADAT or TDIF to Analog converters if you need them. For me, this is the sweetest option of them all but it can be the most expensive if you get the converters and the plugins for it. You get what you pay for in other words. Feel free to call us at NemeSys for more details and advice. We are impartial and advise based on what your setup is and what you want to do.
    Take care

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