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Topic: problem w/Win98 SE, cubase, and Gina

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    problem w/Win98 SE, cubase, and Gina

    I just upgraded to Win98SE or at least I think I did...I bought the cd from microsoft, it came in the mail, and I installed it...However when the computer boots up it stills just says windows 98. Should it say Windows 98 SE???

    But here is the main problems I have the dig outs and in\'s of the Gina and SB live hooked up together but now when I boot up I get an incredibly loud high pitch comming out the spdif\'s! It has never done this before.

    AND when I open up an audio file in cubase and scroll through it whenever I get about half way through the piece I get a fatal exception error and everything locks up!!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


    ps I am going to upload my Ludwig snare drum tonight on the GS users site.

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    Re: problem w/Win98 SE, cubase, and Gina

    Hello donnie,
    Which spdif out the gina\'s or sb live I would suspect that it\'s the sb live you may have to reinstall diret x, also check to make sure on the sb live mixer that you have it set to digital out only. I would get this same high pitch with the sb live if I adjusted the treble or bass. Not a good idea for digital outs, I don\'t understand why creative allows this on digital output.

    PaPa Chalk

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