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Topic: an audio test for your listening skill

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    an audio test for your listening skill

    perhaps some of you have seen this message in the GPO forum... but things are becoming very interesting, so i'm trying to spread!

    Do you want to take part to an "audio game"!?!
    Great!! but in order to do so you should download a 25MB file... so i hope you have a fast internet connection!! :-)
    it was sa long time i had this idea in mind, and yesterday i took a couple of hours for realising it.

    Let me explain what this is about, hoping that you will find it interesting...

    I have prepared 5 audio files, they are about a short samlped piano take of mine (30 seconds)

    If you want to take part at this game, you should listen with major attention all the 5 audio files, and trying to identify if, to your ears, there are some difference; these difference can be very subjective, you could find a file "better" than all the others, one "worse", or even find no differences between them all!

    You should listen to all the file at your usual listening volume, in tranquillity and concentration. You should begin your listen without any prejudice, making attention only to your ears. Of course, you can listen many times to all the files!

    In order to give to this test a meaning, you should NOT load these tracks in an editor/sequencer, NOT look at fourier spectra, waveforms or other. The spectrum analyzer of winamp, media player, realplay, etc should be disabled before loading these files.
    The only information that should come to your ears and brain is the AUDIO one, no other!!

    If you want to know the exact procedure used for the realisation of these files, you can send a mail to the adress you will find with the audio files, but you must also send to me a few text lines, in which you will describe what are your listening impressions about each file, if you idenitify one "best", one "worse", or whatsoever!
    It could be interesting to add also some comments like what is the system on which you performed the test (ex. on an Hi-Fi, on studio monitors, which soundcard you have on PC, etc) and what is your "relationship" with music (you just listen to it, you play an instrument, compose, produce, etc)

    Obviously, your mail adresses will NOT be collected, will NOT be transmitted to anyone and there will NOT be any other communication by me with respect to send you the document mentioned above, trust me!!! :-)
    The collection of the obtained result will be eventually published online in a form of a statistic with some comment, with NO reference to your names.

    This test does not have any obvious scientific target or other hidden aim. It was realised only for personal curiosity, nevertheless i hope to find this useful and interesting!
    I hope that what i did is correct, and that i had not made macroscopic errors... anyway, if you think so please tell me! :-)

    I was forgetting to say that there are NO prize, NO honor, NO glory, NO winner, NO loser... just the curiosity to learn (i hope) something more about our listening skills and something about how our brain "listens" to an audio track!!

    I also beg you, if you download and listen the files, to NOT post the comments about them in this public forum (but any other comments will be welcome), because you would ruin the test to the other people! at least, wait until i publish some result!! :-)

    I thank you for your collaboration!!!

    The direct link to the test is the following:


    (25 MB)

    while in this page there is a form that you can use to send you comments and automatically receive the description file about how the different audio files were created

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    Re: an audio test for your listening skill

    Hummm... I think I will give it a try!

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