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Topic: cubase and gs

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    cubase and gs

    I am using the Nemesys gigsampler and I opened up a midi file in Cubase set all my paning the way I wanted it then captured it w/the capture feature in gigasampler. However when I opened it up as a .wav file in cubase it did not record the paning. Is there something in Cubase you have to set to make this work? Also has anyone had any problems w/cubase and gina? Every once in a while cubase will crash for no reason at all. I did notice on norton utilities that after having about a 3 hour session sequencing that my hard drives (c and d) became VERY fragmented. Will this make your computer crash? Any info will be appreciated.

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    Re: cubase and gs

    first of all nortons disk utilites on the same computer with Gigasampler is not a good thing defrag with windows defrag only. We have a gina and do not have this problem. However I can say in the past this did happen
    not sure why. It usally happened when Cubase was sitting doing nothing for maybe 10min then when you start again it would crash. It stopped doing this just before we upgraded to 3.7.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: cubase and gs

    Hi PaPa Chalk !

    I\'ve just read your reply and I\'m asking why Norton Utilities Defrag should not be used when GS is installed ? Is it a problem of NU or GS ? I found that defrag with NU was better than using windows98 defrag.
    Thanx for your advice,

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    Re: cubase and gs

    De-fragmenting hard drives as stated on Nemesys support site

    Be sure and use the Windows 95 Disk De-fragmenter. The GigaSampler will use that automatically if you choose to de-fragment your disk from within the GigaSampler. Using other brands of de-fragmenting software will re-set the GigaSampler copy protection. (Just call or email nemesys for a new number if this happens.)

    we\'ve had user\'s In the past have problems using other disk mangment programs which could create problems with gigaSampler. when they remvoed them and reset Giga they had better success.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: cubase and gs

    As regards cubase panning...
    Are you sure you\'ve get the 2 audio channels panned hard left and right in the audio monitor - I think it\'s just above the level meter(s)? In the newer versions I think stereo pairs default that way, but they didn\'t used to and that was actually a common question.

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