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Topic: Shopping for a PC

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    Shopping for a PC

    Windows95, Pentium II 300 MMX processor (or faster), 128MB RAM, Dual Ultra-Wide SCSI dedicated 6GB Hard Drive (<<8ms access time),
    Some salesmen at a popular computer store told me that you can\'t install a DUW SCSI (<<8ms access time) Hard drive into any of the models that they carry. (They carry just about everything). Some computer techs told me I would have to build from scratch. Another stores salesman said the NEC-VT300 would accept the harddrive. What are some suggestions? I need one drive for the business, and one for the music. I also want to run a sequencer with the GS. Thanks for the forum.

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    Re: Shopping for a PC

    >> Windows95, Pentium II 300 processor (or faster)

    I assume you mean Win98. I don’t think you can really buy Win95 anymore. Go for at least a 350 processor. If you go slower, it won’t support the newer 100MHrz front side bus.

    >> 128MB RAM

    If you can manage it, go with 256MB

    >> you can\'t install a DUW SCSI

    Yeh, right. What they mean is, THEY WON’T install it. Find a different vendor. By all accounts though, a pair of UDMA drives should serve you.

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    Re: Shopping for a PC

    I agree...go with UDMA drives. SCSI is really a black magic that you don\'t want to play with if you don\'t have do. I run gigasampler off of a Maxtor Diamondmax 17.2 gig drives...works like a dream, just as slick as any of my SCSI drives. Or you could get two maxtors and set up a raid type thing and really have it out!


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    Re: Shopping for a PC

    Oh...and I\'d recommend staying away from \'drugstore\' computers if at all possible. Get a custom workstation built if you can (or build one yourself if you are so inclined). You\'ll get much more bang for your buck (it\'ll be a slight bit more expensive, but worth it). Remember that a lot of \'drug store\' computers have limited expandability and certain models have conflicts due to built in soundcards (that are actually built IN to the motherboard). Beware


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