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Topic: HTML question

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    HTML question

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    I have an HTML question. How do I post a song so that the title of the song appears and the mp3 file would be accessed by clicking on the title? You would not see the location of the mp3 file until you run the cursor over the title.

    Currently when I post a song it appears like this:


    and this exhibits the location of the file. But I would like it to appear like this:

    Godzilla Love

    and when you roll the cursor over it, you could click on it and it would open the tune. I don't know the syntax for this. I am assuming this is a matter of syntax and not software. Is it?

    Any suggestions on this would be appreciated.


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    Re: HTML question

    Hi Marko,

    Godzilla Love

    I clicked on the icon that shows a blue globe and a chain link, typed in the title (click), then typed in the link (click).

    To enter it directly the code looks like this (without any spaces)...

    [ U R L = http://mysite.com/mylink.mp3 ] My Title [ / U R L ]


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    Re: HTML question


    Thank you very much!


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