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Topic: why Can't I get Gigapulse to work

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    why Can't I get Gigapulse to work

    Does anyone know how to install Gigapulse after installing Gigastudio 3? If I try to install content on the startup disk, it asks to remove Gigastudio orchestra first and I don't want to do that (Having crash problems) What files are needed to do this and where should they be. I originally put them on my D Drive and when I tried to open it I got this message.

    C:PROGRAM~1\TASCAM\Gstudio\COMPON~1\bin\polybank.p cm contains an invalid path

    I have also tried to unistall Gigastudio and try again but I can't remove it from my system. when I try I get this message

    "Could not open INSTALL.LOG file"

    Please Help. Trying to get in touch with Tascam is like pulling teeth and my long distance bill with probably reflect that.

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    Re: why Can't I get Gigapulse to work

    As I said before, have you tried manually uninstalling, meaning manually deleting C:\Program Files\Tascam and the others mentioned in the old GS2.5 document?

    Windows programs that use an installer create "Install.log" files. If you open one up with a text editor you would see that is really IS a "log", because it shows directories created, registry entries made, etc.

    Given it appears your first GS3 installation did not complete sucessfully, I assume that an "Install.log" file was never created.

    In my GS3 installation, there are two "removal" related files:
    C:\PRogram Files\Tascam\Gstudio\install.log
    C:\Program Files\Tascam\Uninst.exe (a GS uninstaller)

    Here is a post from another user on another thread:
    It turned out that GigaClean does not clean out everything. It wipes the registry, but not all files.
    So, the procedure that solved the problem was as follows:
    1. uninstall GS3
    2. run GigaClean
    3 delete files according to http://www.tascamgiga.com/pdf/clean-uninstall-xp-2K.pdf ´
    4. rename the 3 dll-files under the "old GigaStudio Binaries",
    5. New GS3 install
    Pretty much the same procedure as in the other thread. So, GigaClean is NOT enough to make a completely new

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    Re: why Can't I get Gigapulse to work

    Hi Martin,

    I did everything on the thread and the tascam pdf file and when I install Gigastudio I get this message which I've had before

    An I/O error occurred while installing a file. this is normally caused by bad installation media or a corrupt installation file

    any ideas?

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