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Topic: GPO and Cubasis

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    GPO and Cubasis

    Dear all,

    I'm fairly new to GPO and even newer to sequencing programs. I tried following the instructions on configuring the Cubasis that came with the GPO cd's. Unfortunately, i was stuck from the get-go: I try to load the GPO instruments from Panels/VST Instruments, but where there is supposed to be a "Personal Orchestra VST" option that I'm supposed to choose, one doesn't appear on the drop-down list. I have no idea why that is and I don't know how to fix it.

    Otherwise I work with Finale, which plays back GPO fine (notwithstanding a few things).

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: GPO and Cubasis

    This problem occurs because Cubase/Cubasis is installed after GPO. To rectify the problem you can do two things.

    Reinstall just the VSTi player. Just rerun the isntallation and tell it to scan for VST plug in folders in which to install GPO. It should find a VST folder in, C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase\VST Plugins. Tell it to install a copy of the GPO VSTi plugin there.

    The other option is to find the GPO VSTi at C:\Program Files\Garritan Personal Orchestra\VST and copy it to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase\VST Plugins.

    These are approximate directories as I'm not in front of my DAW at the moment. They should help you go in the right direction though.

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    Re: GPO and Cubasis

    Thanks so much. I can now load the instruments.

    ...But I can't hear them! Also, I'm not sure how the Cubasis channels work in relation to GPO's (and the MIDI channels from Finale). But I couldn't load more than two Kontakt players in the VST Instruments (or, rather, I could but I got a message saying something like there aren't enough channels for that).

    I don't mean to be a bother about every little problem - you could perhaps refer me to a manual or tutorial (or some previous posting) on this.

    Thanks again,

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