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Topic: GS on a laptop

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    GS on a laptop

    Anyone know of a working setup for GS on a
    laptop? GS doesn\'t seem to work with the
    audio card in my laptop, which is an ESS Maestro. Are there USB or PCMCIA based audio cards that work with GS?

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    Re: GS on a laptop

    There are a couple of good laptop audio setups on the market. Check the ones from EMU or better yet from EGOSYS. I would definitely go with the one from EGOSYS if I were to try using a laptop... but... I don\'t think you will ever get a laptop to run Giga. Laptop harddrives are God awful slow. I only use Giga in my studio, not live because I\'m not ready to buy a second copy, but that is a whole different discussion. By the time you get a HD fast enough, which will probably mean getting a scsi pcmcia card and outboard drive, you will have more than justified buying a lunchbox style portable computer. The lunchbox is what Nemesys recommends and having put Giga on my laptop for an evening just to check it out, I totally agree.

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