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Topic: Yngwie is FAT!!!!!

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    Yngwie is FAT!!!!!

    My god, what is he eating? He's all fat now... I watched G3 last night, While Satriani is mediocre, he kept the format correct.. Steve Vai looks nore normal than I've ever seen him and played great, Ynwgie stole the show though, But still cannot settle down and adjust intensity to make his stuff shine.. Even though I listen to Steve Vai alot more, I have to say, Yngwie is a guitar god, Not to mention, when you can get him to settle down, he plays a mean blues, And I heard him sing with a Soundgarden type voice, and it was very realistic... Good show though...

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    Re: Yngwie is FAT!!!!!

    What is G3?

    For original progressive electronic rock influenced by J.S. Bach and (old) Rush, check out: www.soundclick.com/jeffreynaness.

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    Re: Yngwie is FAT!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffn1
    What is G3?
    "Goodness, Gracious, Greatballs of fire" ?

    ok, I think he`s talking about this .

    Sorry if I`m wrong.

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    Re: Yngwie is FAT!!!!!

    He looks a little like the king (Elvis)!


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    Re: Yngwie is FAT!!!!!

    I heard Yngwie gained weight from a bad car accident, and that he also badly injured a hand too.
    I seen him play twice. First time in the mid 80's, he was an arena opening act. It was quite amazing.
    Second time was 92 in a club. He was rip-smashed drunk. He kept tripping and falling on his face, and yet he still maintained a flawless performance. He threw his guitar at the drummer almost hitting him but got a split with the drumset. He did this longass left handed solo while waving a mix drink like a conducter with a toast here and there with his right, someone brought him another when he was finished. followed by ripping off all his strings. It was a entertaining show, his playing was still amazing

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    Re: Yngwie is FAT!!!!!

    G3 is a concert that Satriani and Vai have put together for a few years now. the G stands for Guitars!!!! So basically the two of them plus a third guitar god each have their own set, then at the end they all come up on stage and perform together. it's really cool!

    i saw them in austin a few years ago when john petrucci from the band Dream Theater was the third G. amazing show. at the end it was petrucci, vai, satriani, billy sheehan on bass, and then eric johnsons came out on stage too as a surprise guest! INCREDIBLE!

    they are going to be in japan this summer, not sure about other tour dates though. if you get the chance to see this show you should definitly go. it's well worth it!


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    Re: Yngwie is FAT!!!!!

    Yngve Malmsten - as he's Swedisch name was, before it was modificated....
    When I listen to him, I'm first getting truly amazed from his playing, I mean, the guy is fast!
    Then, after a while, I'll get bored. In my ear, it lacks content. It's like watching som super-duper trapeze group doing amazing things in the air. It's stunning at first, but then it gets boring.
    I rather listen to a musician that can express something without spitting out a zillion note/second.
    Let's face it, a book ain't great just because it contains 900 pages, if the writer has nothing to say, it's just damn boring!
    I rather read a short pamflet written by someone who actually has something worth telling.
    Same thing with music.

    But.... that's my opinon!

    Grant you, Yngve IS rather entertaining, in small doses...

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: Yngwie is FAT!!!!!

    my only hope is his fingers bloat to a size so he is unable to 'wank'.

    seriously, muscle guitarist go away!!!! no one cares anymore

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    Re: Yngwie is FAT!!!!!

    Apparently, they do care. There are still zillions of fans of that
    type of shred guitar out there.

    Type any of those guys into google, and you'll see, its very alive
    and well.


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