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Topic: spectrasonics expansion--Bashiri

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    spectrasonics expansion--Bashiri

    any chance Bashiri Johnsons Supreme Beats will become an expansion for RMX?

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    Re: spectrasonics expansion--Bashiri

    It's not likely anytime soon.

    Supreme Beats is still an amazing percussion library, but it would take a lot of time for our team to make a Groove Controlled SAGE Xpander version (percussion is particularly difficult to Groove Control)...which would divert us from projects that are a higher priority right now.

    Ethno Techno is also featuring the amazing percussion of Bashiri Johnson, so you'll really enjoy that one when it's released next month.

    I'd suggest that you ReCycle material from Supreme beats that you'd like to use in RMX.


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    Re: spectrasonics expansion--Bashiri

    ".which would divert us from projects that are a higher priority right now."
    projects like say what Eric? :-)
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