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Topic: SCSI Hard Disc Recommendation for Everyone

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    SCSI Hard Disc Recommendation for Everyone

    If you are using UW scsi or U2W scsi, and you are looking for a new hard drive, but are not sure because of the minefield of different drives out there, I have a recommendation for everyone.

    A) If you want silly performance and price is no object, get the IBM Ultrastar LZX 4mb buffer U2W 68-pin drive. Either the 9.1 or the 18 are stunning drives and very very good for audio.

    B) If you are looking for exceptional audio performance but are on more of a budget, you should look at the IBM Ultrastar DNES-309170 (9 gig model) or 318350 (18 gig model). This is a U2W drive, but they are backward compatible, so if you have a UW card like the 2940UW it will work with the U2W drive. Then at a later date if you upgrade your scsi to U2W you will get even better performance.
    The performance of this drive is not far behind the LZX model, but at almost half the price.

    This drive is a 2mb buffer U2W drive, with a 7200 rotation speed and an average seek time of 7ms. It is also very quiet. To put it into audio performance figures, in Logic Audio for example, playback 8 stereo tracks of audio, and the system performance meter simply does not light up. Much the same goes for Cubase VST. If you use Gigasampler, you will find that even on a machine as slow as a 333, you can play at least 16 stereo tracks of audio from you sequencer and still playback a very large number of samples in Gigasampler in realtime.

    It is good value for money and takes 5 minutes to install, and I couldn\'t recommend it more.

    Hope this info has helped someone who is thinking about a new scsi drive.

    (p.s. If you are wondering, I am not an IBM employee!. I already had a 9LZX drive, but recently needed another, and decided to try out the DNES model, it\'s little brother. I am very impressed at it\'s performance in intensive audio situations. The performance/price ratio is very good if you are in a SCSI environment.)



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    Re: SCSI Hard Disc Recommendation for Everyone


    What are the UK prices for the drives ?...

    My drive is so old Arthur Neegas used to service it, It also has real asbestose panel casing..



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    Re: SCSI Hard Disc Recommendation for Everyone


    A) KIA, the best place to get them is Scan computers. www.scan.co.uk

    I just got the DNES 9.1 model for £230 including postage (it arrived 18 hours later!) from Scan. Simply do them too, and they will meet any price you quote them. The 9LZX is listed at about 420 i think, but when I bought mine (months back) I phoned at least 3 places asking £405 over the phone, and got it finally for £397 I think.

    B) I find very little difference between Fat16 and Fat32. The only thing I notice is that with Fat32, when you do a search for a file, it finds it faster. (this makes sense as 32-bit code is used to describe filenames, and is therefore more efficient for searching.) But I\'ve never seen a difference in audio. One plus factor for 32 is that it uses up slightly less space per wav file on your drive (it\'s due to smaller cluster sizes I think). If you run win98 or win95b, I would say Fat32 is best.

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    Re: SCSI Hard Disc Recommendation for Everyone

    Thank you for your advice BOB.
    I was wondering which scsi drive to buy to add to my seagate Barraccuda on an Adaptec 2940 UW.... That second on you mention sounds like the one i\'m going to buy...
    By the way what is the best file format FAT or FAT32 ?? I used to format in FAT16 but my current setup is in FAT32...

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    Re: SCSI Hard Disc Recommendation for Everyone

    Thanks for your reply. I was asking this cause rumors have been around for a while saying that Fat 16 was definitely the best for audio (especially for Direct to disk/ recording softwares like Cubase VST or Giga).



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    Re: SCSI Hard Disc Recommendation for Everyone

    Hi Bifop,

    when I build up my system a year ago I asked the Steinberg Hotline what\'s the best FAT for VST and they recommended strongly FAT32.


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    Re: SCSI Hard Disc Recommendation for Everyone

    I\'ve done benchmarking of FAT16 vs FAT32 and found very little difference. Besides, do you really want your 18GB harddrive divided up into 9 partitions? FAT16 has a 2GB partition limitation. I\'ve got a 50 SCSI. I would run out of drive letters.

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    Re: SCSI Hard Disc Recommendation for Everyone

    Ok, ok...

    While usually with fat less is better, this time I\'ll stick to the full Fat regime...

    Thanx for replying
    :-) Bifop

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