Dear Papa Chalk
I\'ll like to have the same machine you have.
I need some informations.
The kind of mother board - Asus P2b?,or other?Please, the model number)
Memory Ram - Wich kind (Dimm/168?) and how many (128 mb?)
The processor - (Pentium 2?) - (400 Mhz or more?)
The external clock - (100 Mhz or more?)
The video board - (AGP?) - (Wich kind?)
The HD for instruments like 1 GB Piano, without clicks,
and to work midi and audio together -
(Maxtor?,The number of Maxtor model will be very very important)
The HD cache number - (512 Kb?)
The seek time, access time, how many rotation - (5400 or 7200 or more?)
(I know, with the model number i can enter in Maxtor site and
get this information. It\'s only for advanced and getting time)

I think this is the basic information and i supose that\'s enough to get
a good cpu hardware to work fine with gigasampler and audio
Are you working with windows 95 or 98?
Can you repeat the Cubasis version are you using?
Can Cubase VST v3.553 work fine with that system?
I have two audio cards in my old system, and i think they will work
fine in a configuration like your.
That is: Aark 20/20 and SoundBlaster Gold AWE 64, with SPDIF.
Some comenters about?

And for the last (i hope i have asked you everything is nescessary to
get a good machine), if you have some addittions, you will welcome!!!
Thanks a lot and good luck
Edmundo Cassis, 29 de setembro de 1999,Săo Paulo, SP, Brasil