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Topic: The Gigasampler on ONE PC debate...

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    The Gigasampler on ONE PC debate...

    Hi all,

    I\'d really appreciate feedback from anyone using (or who has attempted to use) Mixtreme, Cubase VST and Gigasampler all on the SAME PC. (I don\'t want to buy another PC...*sob* *sob*!)

    Sure I know with PC\'s there are many contributing factors to eventual problems...this aside, I\'d really appreciate any opinions on the following setup. ie would it work, or could I potentially be up for constant Blue Screen madness?!

    I own a PIII 500MHz PC w/- 256 MB RAM with 3 hard drives, which I intend to use as follows:

    IDE HDD: Windows 98, Gigasampler
    SCSI UltraWide #1: GIG samples
    SCSI UltraWide #2: Cubase audio WAV\'s

    I will be sequencing predominantly MIDI-based music from Gigasampler, ie. minimal audio tracks.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: The Gigasampler on ONE PC debate...

    Go ahead Mike,
    that\'s a good setup, I have the same.
    One thing you have to note is that your audiocard must have multiclient ability like the Aark20/20.


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    Re: The Gigasampler on ONE PC debate...


    The Mixtreme drivers are multiclient. Just download them from SoundScape\'s site.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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    Re: The Gigasampler on ONE PC debate...

    If I could ask, with such a setup, could one expect say 24 tracks with effects before hiccupping? And if tracking the Giga, how many voices would it be able to offer, seeing as how the CPU is also busy with the recording and sequencing end of things.

    If I could buy one 700mhz pentium (due out soon) and run 24 trks (VST) and sequence and apply efx, and run Giga with 128 voices (also soon),it would be the virtual studio of my dreams. Can it be done?

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    Re: The Gigasampler on ONE PC debate...

    This topic always brings me back to the same thought:

    If everything is running on one machine, and no audio is routed externally, there must be a solution that doesn’t require an expensive multi-out audio card. Is the card’s DSP power really needed just to route the audio steams? Can’t GS have internal multi-outs, in the same way it has internal MIDI out?

    And yes, I realize the card provides FX. But that can be added to the recorded tracks in whatever multi track editor ends up holding them.

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    Re: The Gigasampler on ONE PC debate...

    I\'m running a PII 233 with 327 meg of ram and 2 Maxtor IDE drives and getting surprisingly good results (though I\'ve already ordered a PIII 500). The system I\'m putting together is a lot like the one you\'ve described, except that I\'ll be using three Maxtor 27.2 gig IDE drives. The only thing I\'d add to your system is more memory (which unfortunately is priced through the roof right now thanks to the earthquake in Tiawan) and maybe a Yamaha DSP factory so that you can do audio DSP with a little less CPU strain. I\'ll bet you anything that eventually GS will be released as a Cubase virtual instrument and that then a single computer setup will end up being the system of choice anyway.

    Laurence Kingston

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    Re: The Gigasampler on ONE PC debate...

    I run Cakewalk PA and Giga on one machine. Here\'s what I do.

    I have a Gina and an SBLive (dedicated to Giga). I have the SBLive\'s SPDIF OUT connected to the Gina\'s SPDIF IN. I have my Gina outputs run to my outboard console. So I can monitor Gina, plus the Gigasampler. When I\'m ready to record, I simply render the Giga tracks to a stereo pair in Cakewalk, all in the digital domain. It\'s working out great. I\'m finishing up a song with about 36-40 tracks, all Gigasampler. And only 128MB ram.

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