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Topic: Installing Gigapulse

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    Installing Gigapulse

    Does anyone know how to install Gigapulse after installing Gigastudio 3? If I try to install content on the startup disk, it asks to remove Gigastudio orchestra first and I don't want to do that (Having crash problems) What files are needed to do this?


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    Re: Installing Gigapulse

    As it happens, I had to do this very thing... I'm pretty sure that GPulse is installed with Orchestra, what you haven't installed are the impulses. If you browse your Giga installation disk you will find a folder with all the impulses in it (GPulse). Before you copy these folders to your Giga drive, run the GigaStudio Systems Settings program and look under the tab labelled "GigaPulse/Convolution"... this will show you where Giga is looking for the files - or give you the option to reassign. Copy the folders over and then try Gigapulse again. From memory, I don't think Giga liked having the acoustic impulses and the mic impulses in the same directory, so my tree is like this: D:\Tascam\GPulse\Common - for the acoustic impulses AND the two ini files called 'mmodel' and 'rmmodel'... the mic models are actually in the 'bin' folder like this: D:\Tascam\GPulse\Common\bin

    cheers, Mark TS

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    Re: Installing Gigapulse

    Thanks Mark, I'll give it a try

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    Re: Installing Gigapulse

    I keep getting this message

    C:PROGRAM~1\TASCAM\Gstudio\COMPON~1\bin\polybank.p cm contains an invalid path

    Any suggestions? I installed The GPulseShellInstruments and the factory folders on my D drive.

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    Re: Installing Gigapulse

    I'm not sure what it's looking for... but I presume your GPulse isn't functioning for it. Time to call Tascam.


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    Re: Installing Gigapulse

    I would suggest uninstalling everything and starting again. During the installation, make sure you select the option to 'install content'.

    Follow the instructions in the "GigaStudio User's Manual" starting on page 13.

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