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Topic: Two Works by Ric Zimmerman

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    Two Works by Ric Zimmerman

    Ric Zimmerman send in these two excellent pieces:



    Ric writes: "They are indeed 100% GPO, sequenced with Sibelius and pulled right out of GPO studio using the "capture-to-audio" function. These two particular pieces were just written for fun, but I have used GPO on two student films at LMU... thus far and the results have been amazing."

    Comments are welcome.

    Thanks Ric for sharing your music with us.


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    Re: Two Works by Ric Zimmerman

    Some solid and interesting writing, there, Ric; and very fine execution!


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    Re: Two Works by Ric Zimmerman

    Thanks for the kind words etLux!
    The little voices in my head are singing four-part harmony.

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    Re: Two Works by Ric Zimmerman


    I can't believe that you received this kind of output from Sibelius. I mean, I use Sibelius for MIDI and notation, but use Digital Performer for GPO and never thought that sounds like these could emanate from Sibs realm.

    What version of Sib are you using and, did you just use GPO Studio or import the sequence into a sequencer for effects, final editing, etc.

    Would like to know more of how you produced these gems. They are really great and the best I have heard from Sibelius, bar none.

    Thanks for sharing.......

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    Re: Two Works by Ric Zimmerman

    Hey John,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the pieces! I use Sibelius 3.0, and I basically "patched" each staff in a big score I created to GPO Studio through the mixer. I then notated in all the parts and wrote in mod-wheel and legato settings using the expression tool (i.e. ~C1,39 or ~C64,127). That is pretty much the extent of it. It went right from the score on Sibelius into GPO and out of the 'capture-to-audio' function.

    If you have any more questions, I'd be glad to help. I think Sibelius can be a wonderful tool if you think outside of the box a little.

    The little voices in my head are singing four-part harmony.

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    Re: Two Works by Ric Zimmerman

    Great orchestration, and I enjoyed the themes very much! Very cinematic, I look forward to hearing more of your work!

    By the way, it sounded like there was a little violin noise at the very end of that last piece . . .
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