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Topic: Ram Trouble

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    Ram Trouble

    I have an Asus mb and a celeron 300a oc/@ 450. Everything has been running stable for months now. I just upgraded my ram and put in two 256mb SDram Dimms.
    I was anticipating greatly improved access to samples, but when the meter gets just around, or slighly past, the 5/6 area, Gigasampler freezes up. I end up having to reboot. Any ideas?



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    Re: Ram Trouble

    just curious....what are you referring to when you say the meter?


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    Re: Ram Trouble

    I knew I was going to get into trouble on that one. I am at home and Giga is loaded on my work computer, so I am going from memory here.
    As samples are loaded, there is a resource meter/indicator on Giga\'s interface that I believe is used to guage how close you are coming to maxing out your available ram. If it serves some other function, then I am completely confused, but I am still freezing up (<:

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    Re: Ram Trouble

    You’re not alone. I did the same thing a few weeks ago. In an attempt to build a system that would be capable of loading the entire Advanced Orchestra library, I put 512 (2x256) into my dedicated GS computer and increased the RAM in my main sequencing computer to 384 where I run the second GS. Both of them freeze up as I load past what appears to be approx. the 256 Meg mark (again, by the resource meter). I brought this to the attention of Nemesys and Dave said they hadn’t tested with more than 256 Megs of RAM and would look into it. Dave thought it would probably be an easy fix in a later version of GS (assuming it isn’t something peculiar with my two computers – and now yours). Be sure and report your problem directly to Nemesys.

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    Re: Ram Trouble

    Thanks Tom,

    At least I\'m not alone. I\'ll give my .02 to the powers that be.


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    Re: Ram Trouble

    Wich OS do you run?
    I\'ve heard rumors that Win95 cannot handle such big ramsize


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    Re: Ram Trouble

    W98 here too.

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    Re: Ram Trouble

    Hi there !
    I did not experimented such problems with GS yet (hope not in the future), but one thing is certain, win98 DOES NOT work correctly with a RAM over 64 Mb ! In fact, it dos not manage well big RAM. Only NT can do such a thing, and even over 128 Mb, some people experimented troubles (with other applications, not with GS that does not run under NT yet).It\'s only an OS problem, and for the moment ONLY Linux can correctly manage big RAM. Example : printing a big photoshop document with win98 or win NT takes about 1 hour and 1/4 with 128 Mb, whereas with Linux it takes only 1/4 hour !

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    Re: Ram Trouble

    The GigaSampler runs fine on 95 or 98 with up to 256 megs of RAM. We have found out that you can actually get the use out of more than 256 megs but if you overload it, the system crashes. The software is calibrated for up to 256 megs so with more RAM, the system will let you fill up all the RAM, including the system RAM without the saftey valve and warning screen, thus causing the system to crash. We will have a fix for this and a couple other items as soon as it\'s ready. We will let you know when it\'s ready for downloading. In the meantime, you can get the benifit of more RAM but it will require some experimenting on how much your system will hold without crashing. In other words, you do get the benifit of the extra RAM when loading samples carefully. It may require a little experimenting to figure out how big of a load of your instruments can be done. The software fix will be the ideal solution though. Thanks for helping us with this.
    Take care

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