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Topic: CDR and Gigasampler

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    CDR and Gigasampler

    Does anyone know if Gigasampler is a direct root cause of Adaptec\'s DirectCD locking up upon insertion of a CD?

    It\'s happened in 2 machines where I installed Gigasampler and then tried to burn a CD of my music or anything else. Whenever it boots and tries to detect a CD, it bluescreens wiht an error of 0E. The machine is a TYan board and a II 450. A great overall machine, and the CDR is from Mitsumi. Any advice?


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    Re: CDR and Gigasampler

    It might have something to do with your setting in Device Manager under the CD-ROM header. The \"Auto insert notification\" need to be enabled for Adaptec DirectCD to work properly. At least so I have read. Check it!

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    Re: CDR and Gigasampler

    I had same problems with Direct CD and removed it. Now I do the job with
    CDCreator. A bit more handling but stabil.


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