Hey, guys.

Up until now, if you clicked on the link for the currently playing edition of the GPO Variety Show, it just listed the songs in order, but you still had no idea of what song you were listening to at the moment. I've updated that page now, so you'll see an indication for the currently playing song.

I felt this was important since these shows don't have anyone announcing what you're hearing. Now, when a listener likes a song they can see who it's by, click the link to the composer's profile, and read comments on the song and the composer's bio.

I'm also finishing up some code to let people directly create a new composer profile, add their song info, etc. without waiting on me to do it. Additionally, there will be a feature that lets you simply click a link and drag your mp3 file onto the email message that's pre formatted for you.

I hope these changes will make it not only better for the listeners, but easier for our composers to use.