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Topic: two monitors/video card

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    two monitors/video card

    i want to hook up another monitor OR a large screen tv monitor to my computer. I have a nVida 32mb range video card that came w/my Gateway. Do I need another video card to hook up either another monitor or a tv type monitor? I think I remember reading somewhere that you can hook up a tv monitor with an adapter box w/out another video card. Is this true?

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    Re: two monitors/video card

    Don’t know about using a TV. Win98 supports multi monitors. Unfortunately mixing an AGP and a PCI video card is a no no. That means getting 2 PCIs or a special AGP card that supports 2 monitors. I’ve seen them for about $250. I have a web link at work, and can post it on Monday if you like.

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    Re: two monitors/video card

    the new matrox G400 has an dual screenport option - uses just 1 AGP slot, no PCI! additional digitalports for LCD and videomonitor. Great card for MM workstations!

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    Re: two monitors/video card

    Win98 supports both AGP and PCI at the same time. So you can add a PCI card to your current AGP card setup. The card dont have to be either AGP or PCI, you can mix.

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    Re: two monitors/video card

    be shure to use cards of the same manufacturer - e.g. ATI wont work with matrox well (color problems, crashes)

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    Re: two monitors/video card

    Desound has great success with the New Matrox G400 it has dual head display on the one video card. It works amazing.

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    Re: two monitors/video card

    but be careful with the G400 card if you want to run logic, some users reportet driver problems - matrox uses busmastering at a very \"agressive\"level to max performance, but this seems to be problematic and affects the audiostreams. If anyone has experiences with this card, please report!

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    Re: two monitors/video card

    I forgot tell everyone the setup he\'s using with the matrox.

    cubase vst 24 version 3.7
    gigaSampler version 1.6

    celeron 300a clocked to 450

    He has giga on one screen and cubase on the other. runs great.

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    Papa Chalk

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    Re: two monitors/video card

    On the Matrox card, is there a jumper to disable the IRQ? A lot of old graphics cards have this jumper, whereas a lot of newer ones don\'t. Unfortunately, on my system, any card that can\'t disable its IRQ usage will only work at the expense of the IRQ of the PCI slot next to the AGP slot.
    I just bought a 32 meg Ati graphics card to replace my old 8 meg one. Unfortunately, since the new card doesn\'t have this jumper, my system will lock up from time to time if I use it. For now I\'ve gone back to my old graphics card, but I would like a card with more memory. Apparently many motherboards have the ability to disable this IRQ requirement in their CMOS setup, but my Asus two processor board with built in SCSI isn\'t one of them. In any case, if the Matrox has this jumper I\'d love to buy one, if it doesn\'t I wouldn\'t be able to use it.

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    Re: two monitors/video card

    I just found the answer to my own question on the Matrox web site. The G400 does need an IRQ. Anyone have an idea of what the best Graphics card is that can run without an IRQ. I don\'t need accelerator functions, I just need a decent amount of video memory.

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