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Topic: 1.6

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    HI all.

    Any idea what is new in version 1.6
    I believe it is to be released soon.


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    Re: 1.6

    will multi-client support of the gina soundcard be included with 1.6 release. according to event the new drivers for the gina as a multi-client card will be out soon. i think there are a few of us that would like to use cubase vst (with audio)/giga sample/rebirth (and other rewire products)/gina sound card together. Any information would be great. thanks.

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    Re: 1.6

    In addition to general maintainence, 1.6 offers support of more sound cards and many future ones with the GigaSampler low latency interface that anyone can write hooks to. (no more custom drivers for each multi out card which requires more time from the card manufacturer and us)
    There are performance and loading features that will be very helpfull. Drag & drop a performance onto a channel and it won\'t reset the GigaSampler. You can add a performance to an existing session without erasing everything. Batch loading is also supported now. Shift and Cntrl select gig files and load them all at once.
    As soon as we are done tweaking and testing, we will release it via the web to existing customers and new in store products will also be updated.
    Take care and thanks for your patience.

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