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Topic: pushing record makes samples distort

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    pushing record makes samples distort

    Hi there,

    I use Giga Studio 2.7 and I use Digital Performer 3.1.1 in OS9. It seems that there is some kind of feed back loop between performer and giga. When I play the samples through the keyboard, it sounds fine but when I try to record them, the levels become louder and distort. Where could this feed back be coming from? I lowered the master attenuation to -15db and increased the buffer size to 4 MBytes and still the same distortion. Could this be an audio bundles problem?

    What are your thoughts?


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    Re: pushing record makes samples distort


    I've used giga 2.5 and giga 3.0 with DP 3.11 as the master sequencer and I've never encountered any problems recording.

    If I have more info on what you're doing I think I can help.

    Could you be passing a double midi signal to giga?



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    Re: pushing record makes samples distort

    If you press "shift a" is the little headphones icon selected (highlighted?) You might be passing what you're recording through and creating a loop effect somewhere. So de-select that if you don't want to pass thru what your recording (since you are probably monitoring it somewhere already.)

    Or (and this may be it) your output is sending back to an input. If your input is for example SPIDF 1+2 make sure the output on the same track is NOT SPIDF 1+2.


    Dave Connor

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