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Topic: help, multi-client soundcard

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    help, multi-client soundcard

    Could anyone please help me with a list of multi-client soundcards that supports cubase vst and giga-sampler. After today I have lost faith in my gina soundcard ever becoming multi-client. thanks.

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    Re: help, multi-client soundcard

    The Aardvark aark 20\'/20+ definitely is. I use it and it rocks with Giga. I can\'t belive that Event have dropped their audio cards. Seems to me like a marketing decision gone mad. I thought the Gina etc were the most popular cards on the go. Event will probably live to regret that.


    and I would certainly not hold your breath waiting for multi-client drivers now for your card.

    You might not need to get a multi-client card though.

    Why not just get another good card for your other programs, and use the existing card for Giga. Unless you really need the ability to send different sounds to different outputs.

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    Re: help, multi-client soundcard

    thanks, I do not have any isa/pci slot left in my machine. I have a PII 400mg and 128mg but the machine also has dvd decoder, modem, midi interface, gina and scsi card in it. I need a multi-client card and i need it now . I would like to run cubase vst, rebirth, rex files (re-cycle) and giga-sampler without disabling the audio in cubase to run giga-sampler. I think i will give ECHO until x-mas to provide a multi-client card else aark 20/20 here I come.

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    Re: help, multi-client soundcard

    Check out Echo\'s web site, www.echoaudio.com for the new 5.0 driver which has direct sound, multi-client, and ASIO2 support.

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    Re: help, multi-client soundcard

    Here is the scoop on the Event/Echo hardware.

    All the engineering was done by a company called Echo Speeck for all the hardware: Layla, Gina, Darla/Darla24. This company also did all the driver work. And eventhough Event will no longer be distributing these products the company Echo, still plans to support and distribute the product - we all will just have to get use to not calling it an Event xxx card.

    Now to answer your question, Echo has been working on a multiclient driver for some time, and we have been testing it on our side also. I just went to their web site www.echospeech.com and they have made v5.0 available for download. Please be aware that this verion of the Layla/Gina/Darla driver only works with version 1.6 of gigaSampler. And you must take special care to turn off DirectSound capabilities of the their driver - otherwise GigaSampler will not work.

    To turn off directSound capabilities:

    Go to the Windows Device Manager. Select the driver properties for the Echo Layla/Gina/Darla driver (depends which card
    you have in your system) and disable DirectSound drivers.

    As far as other multiclient hardware, here is
    a complete list:

    Frontier Dakota - 16 channels ADAT
    SoundScape Mixtreme - 16 channels TDIF, DSP
    Aardvark 20/20+ - I forget their I/O
    Echo Layla/Darla/Gina - need v5.0 of the drivers (DON\'t forget
    to turn off DirectSound).

    Hope this helps in finding the right mix of
    hardware and software.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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