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Topic: A Scottish March

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    A Scottish March

    this is my latest attempt with GPO, but this time with a couple of synth prts added in. it\'s an old scootish air called grádh geal mo chridhe, sometimes called the eriskay lilt, here i\'ve arranged it as a march for harps, harpsichord and percussion in GPO and two synthesizers.
    as always all comments or offers of free beer gratefully accepted.
    mick ó c

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    Re: A Scottish March

    forgot the link
    it\'s called Eriskay
    mick ó c

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    Re: A Scottish March


    Very unique and unexpected to hear GPO used in a traditional Scottish song. What a nice surprise. I\'ve heard harpists play it under the name of Eriskay Love Lilt.

    The harp or the \"Clarsach\" is Scotland\'s oldest instrument and appears in legends from early times. Was that the harpsichord that sounds like a wire strung harp?

    This could be expanded further. Perhap you can substitue croatales for one of the synths.
    If you want to experiment, you may be able to get the reed instruments to sound like bagpipes and use a piccolo for scottish whistle. Just a thought.

    I enjoyed this very much. Thanks for sharing this.

    Gary Garritan

    PS: For those who want to sing along:

    Bheir me o, horo van o
    Bheir me o, horo van ee
    Bheir me o, o horo ho
    Sad am I, without thee.

    Thou\'rt the music of my heart;
    Harp of joy, o cruit mo chruidh;
    Moon of guidance by night;
    Strength and light thou\'rt to me.


    In the morning, when I go
    To the white and shining sea,
    In the calling of the seals
    Thy soft calling to me.


    When I\'m lonely, dear white heart,
    Black the night and wild the sea,
    By love\'s light, my foot finds
    The old pathway to me.

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    Re: A Scottish March

    nice one Gary, you know the air!

    the harpsichord is fairly close to the sound of the wire strung harp and i layered it with two slightly detuned chromatic harps. the timpani come quite close to the bodhrán but i need to do a bit more work in that direction. ironically the english horn is probably the best bet for rendering an uileann pipe.
    it is my intention to do more along this line as this is the tradition i am most familiar with. this was a sort of experiment but it seems every time i sit down to write something in GPO i discover new possibilities. it\'s a great piece of work so as we say in gaelic (geilge) - go raibh míle maith \'ad a Ghary.

    and for those who want to sing along in gaelic...

    Bheir mi òro bhan o
    Bheir mi òro bhan i
    Bheir mi òru o ho
    \'S mi tha brònach\'s tu\'m dhith.

    \'S iomadh oidhche fliuch is fuar
    Ghabh mi cuairt is mi leam fhin,
    Gus an d\'rainig mi\'n t-àit
    Fai\'n robh gradh geal mo chridh.


    \'Na mo chlàrsaich cha robh ceòl
    \'Na mo mheoirean cha robh àgh,
    Rinn do phògsa mo leòn,
    Fhuair mi eòlas an dàin.


    Fada siar air aghaidh cuain
    \'Se mo dhuansa \"Cruit Mo Chridh,\"
    Guth mo luaidh anns gach stuaidh
    \'Ga mo nuallan gu tir.


    Gur tu m\'òige is mo rùn,
    Mo reul-iùil thu anns an oidhch\',
    Tha mo dhrùidheachd ad shùil,
    Tha mo chiurradh ad loinn.


    Slán agaibh

    mick ó c

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    Re: A Scottish March

    now have another version just featuring GPO using gary\'s suggestion of the piccolo. actually i had this already but with an english horn but it didn\'t work so i rewrote the horn part for the whistle and drenched it in reverb.
    i\'d like to know which you think is better.

    mick ó c

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