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Topic: Overture SE Turns

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    Overture SE Turns

    Two questions regarding turns in Overture SE:

    1) Is there a way to notate a turn with an accidental above it? E.g., if playing in E-flat but you want the turn to include an E-natural on the upper note.
    2) Is it possible to have it play the turn through GPO? It just disregards the turn (obviously there are work arounds in the graphic window but thought I'd ask).


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    Re: Overture SE Turns

    I will also be interested in the answer. I am still feeling my way with Overture SE, but to date have that applying the turn function on a note bumps the note up a tone on the stave for some reason. To get the turn to actually playback, I am resorting to our old friend, the hidden track containing the notes of the turn fully worked out, with the visible measure muted. Otherwise, apart from some curious littles bugs like measure numbers going walkabouts in four stave systems, Overture seems a very decent notation programme with ambitions to be a sequencer into the bargain.

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    Re: Overture SE Turns

    Same here! This is a great question and an issue I run into a lot!

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    Re: Overture SE Turns

    A little bump, hoping to attract Joseph's attention....

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    Re: Overture SE Turns

    Well being the musical novice I am, I have no idea what you're asking for. You could email me an example and explain to me what you want it to do and I can see what I can come up with.

    Or could you post this in the Overture forum?


    Those guys would probably be able to tell you how to accomplish this.

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