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Topic: IDE Hard Drive Options?

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    IDE Hard Drive Options?

    I am about to purchase a new hard drive. My Gigabite M/board has ATA/33 IDE on it. What would be the best tried and tested make and model H/D to purchase that works with GS please?



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    Re: IDE Hard Drive Options?

    I am using a Maxtor Diamond Max 2500 Type 91000D8. 7200 rpm and excellent seek-time. Clicks are very rare. Maxtor have improved their disks further, so that if you buy a new Diamond Max Plus you should have a very good disk for GS.
    The new Quantum KA-drives have smaller caches (though they claim to have 512 kB) though they rank among the top in test-magazines. IBM DJNA-drives with 7200 rpm should run fine. Western-Digital Expert (7200 rpm) drives have big caches and good specifications but are horribly noisy. The rest on the market is falling behind the current state-of-the-art IDE-Drives.

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    Re: IDE Hard Drive Options?

    Diamond Max Plus 20 GB is working flawlessly, with 8 tracks of cakewalk audio in parallel with GS LE for instrument sounds.
    I\'m impressed.

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    Re: IDE Hard Drive Options?

    Thanks for the feed back chaps!! Looks like the Maxtor is the one to go for.



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