I am planning to use GS with AO for string and woodwind sounds. Any comments on the following possible hardware setup?

Computer #1
(to run GS and sound recording software)
1) Pentium II 400MHz processor
2) 384 MB RAM
3) 2 x 6.4GB Hard disk, both 7200 UDMA.
4) MidiMan DMan 2044 sound card
5) MIDI interface (USB MidiMan Sport 4x4)
6) Windows 98

Computer #2
(to run sequencer - Musicator 3)
1) Pentium II 266MHz processor
2) MIDI interface (USB MidiMan Sport 4x4)

I already have computer #2 and the DMAN 2044 sound card. I have to buy computer #1.

How about using a Celeron processor in computer #1?

Will I be OK using the same computer for GS and the sound recording software? I intend to send the output of GS through one of the DMAN sound card outputs, combine it with outputs from hardware modules and send through an effects unit. The output from that will then come back through an input on the DMAN sound card ready to be recorded.

Any suggestions for reasonably priced recording sofware - I want to put it on CD finally.

Many thanks.