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Topic: AMD is not a bad proc, but be careful

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    AMD is not a bad proc, but be careful

    If the motherboard is dreck, the chip will cause popping sounds, even if you have a great HDD.

    I just got TyanATX Tsunami and a PII350, should be nice when I put it in the rack mount case...


    Anyone know how the WD Caviar UDMA drives perform? I have a 6 GB UDMA drive, but it\'s not rated yet.


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    Re: AMD is not a bad proc, but be careful

    I don´t understand - you mean tyan boards are BAD?? My experience says Tyan Boards are the greatest boards you can get, even better than ASUS! I run 2 boards Thunder and Tiger 100 dual P2 machines and they are both great, running overclocked cel300@450 without any problems, no need to increase voltages or so...rocksolid!

    And it´s better to run an overclocked cel then an AMD K6x because of the much better FPU performance.

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