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Topic: How does the key-triggering work ?

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    Re: How does the key-triggering work ?

    hi horst,

    its easy - you have to define the control keys in the instrument editor. If you define e.g. the 4 keys C1 to D#1, you get 4 dimensions and you can map different samples into (all within the wizard). Then you can switch between the sounds using those keys!
    In Advanced orchestra I defined 8/16 keys (C0 to D#1) to switch between the different play techniques. It works great!
    If you use logic, I can mail you nice little transformers that enable you to acess the keys via program change.

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    How does the key-triggering work ?

    could anyone explain to me how to use keyboard to change the instrument (=sample) within a dimension ? When I choose keyboard as controller-source, do the switchpoints equally divide up across the keyboard like with other controllers or how does it work ? Is there a way to enforce certain keys to become switchpoints ?
    Thanks for your help

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    Re: How does the key-triggering work ?

    Hi Holger,
    thanks. It works. Just to add, that you can use \"Properties\" of the instrument instead of the wizard (who will create new regions). Unfortunately what I was not able to achieve is to get the sample change exactly in time that means when playing the switch note together with a real note as a chord the switch mostly comes too late and has effect on the next note. Has that to do with the notation program (Encore) or do you have any other idea ?

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    Re: How does the key-triggering work ?

    Use a seperate track for the control keys and adjust a slight pre delay (-10 ms or so), so GS has a chance to switch the dimension before the note comes.
    In logic, you can add a transformer which affects only the control key range and add this pre delay to only this key zone. So you can arrange notes and control keys easily within one track!

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    Re: How does the key-triggering work ?


    I am also both a gigasampler and an Encore user. I\'m interested in how you are planning to access dimension control with the gigasampler from Encore; and what version of Encore you are using to accomplish this.

    Also, anyone had success accessing dimension control from Finale?

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    Re: How does the key-triggering work ?

    Hi Slagni,
    great to hear there´s somebody else out there who uses Encore with GS. I use Encore 4. Unfortunately the timing of Midi-program changes or controllers in Encore is fairly unpredictable and they easily mess around anywhere when formatting.
    My recommendation is to make use of program changes rather than too many dimensions for selecting different variants of instruments (e.g. Violins pizzicato, marcato, legato, espressivo etc. etc.). The advantage is, that with every program you get a full set of dimensions which allows you to fine tune each and every variant with separate velocity-levels, layering etc. using the dimensions and triggering them with controllers.
    If you use dimensions for the variants you will meet the GS limits very soon.
    You can pack 10 or more programs into one instrument and load them all at once as \"Violin all playing techniques\". Just copy a program, remap it and alter the program number with the properties-dialog. Note:
    1) In GS the program# is 0-based, in Encore it is 1-based
    2) If you build big instruments in the Instrument-Editor BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP after every bigger step. There are some weird bugs in it that can smash your work easily (though it is a GREAT TOOL, Nemesys!).
    3) I did not get the bank-switching to work. is there A BUG in GS or in Encore (Nemesys ?) ?
    4) Because of 3) you have to give UNIQUE PROGRAM NUMNBERS for your whole setup in GS or you will learn, that GS accesses all instruments and all programs on all MIDI-channels, no matter where you have loaded your instruments.
    So you should FIRST build a standard instrument map for GS in Encore with all the variants you desire and give each variant its number.
    You might also want to keep the complexity of additional controller-mapping as simple as possible: Make the use of controllers the exception not the standard.
    If you want to discuss more about Encore and GS, we better go on Email-base, as it is very specific. I can the send you my Email address.
    Hope it helps.

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    Re: How does the key-triggering work ?


    Very interesting and informative. If you could email me on the side at bingalls@isomedia.com we could continue the dialog. As a point of interest I own both Encore versions 4.0 and 4.2. Unfortunately they are not backward compatible. The 4.2 version was redone for windows and has some nice additions but any 4.0 files crash the system (not nice!). Thus I have to keep both active and separate. I will experiment with the bank switching in 4.2 and give you a report.

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