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Topic: Live card conflict? please help

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    Live card conflict? please help

    I have a P2 400, 256 ram. Giga full version 1.52(just loaded and in middle of registration)
    I use an opcode music quest 2 port se.

    I have no midi into GS. IT recognises the opcode but no red light or halo. NO sound comes out of the live. (its soundblaster live value)

    In Logic there is no endless wav option to select in the midi apps section,(enviornment)
    I do have the soundblaster synth and the opcode ports 1 and 2 however. All of these work.

    Where is the endless wave. How do i get midi into GS and wheres the sound. It tells me when i click on the halso that \"another external device or application is using the audio hardware..please close all other ...\" I have no other programs running.

    Can someone help me answer this. Is it IRQ?

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    Re: Live card conflict? please help

    all is ok. Thankyou.
    Came down to incorrect install of sound card


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